Professional Tennis Player Teams Up With EEA


Explosive Edge Athletics recently had the opportunity to train one of the nationís top tennis proís, Eric Butorac, who is originally from Rochester, MN. Eric turned pro in 2003 after playing collegiate tennis at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Mn., a Division III school, from 2001-03. There Eric captured NCAA singles and doubles titles (w/Kevin Whipple) in '03 and earned All-American honors in singles and doubles three seasons. Eric has been coached by Ryan Dussault since 2003. He is currently ranked 3rd in the nation in doubles and 34th in the world according to ATP rankings.

Recently, however, Eric was introduced to EEA as a way to improve his game from a strength training standpoint. After a very short time, Eric immediately began seeing results, both in the gym and on the court. Since Ericís sport demands extreme amounts of explosive movements, both horizontally and laterally, his training was tailored accordingly. Along with an explosive-ballistic approach to his strength training, Eric began a very rigorous plyometric training regimen that assisted him in coupling his new found explosive strength with a speed component, thus greatly improving Ericís overall power output.

EEA tested Eric after only 12 sessions and through their unique methods, he increased his vertical jump by 4.5 inches and his horizontal jump by a whopping 9 inches, all while decreasing his ground contact time and therefore, increasing his overall reactive ability considerably. Recently, EEA was featured along with Eric on Fox 9 News. Check out the links below to get a little more insight into Eric Butorac and his training. Look for him to make a huge leap on the Tour this year!

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