EEA's philosophy is based on the theory that one needs to train the way the sport is played (specificity). Therefore, an athlete must perform training movements that mimic the movements of a game and also try to mimic the speed of the movements as close as possible. If an athlete fails to train in this manner, which many other approaches advocate; much of the power will never be able to be applied to the field or court. Along with training in an explosive manner, one will complete the movement as fast as possible for a given load. Because of the relationship of the Force-Velocity Curve on Power, loads are kept at a light to moderate level in order for the athlete to perform the movement at maximum velocity. We never allows the speed of the movement to slow down. Emphasis is placed on completing both the eccentric and concentric portions of the movement in this manner. The theory with this is that the faster the muscle is stretched, the more eccentric force and kinetic energy will be produced, and the result will be a faster and more powerful concentric contraction (Newton's Law).